John Romaniello’s Final Phase Fat Loss System (review) is a 6-week program featuring 16 unique workouts based on four different training methods. You do four workouts a week, rotating through the four different training styles.

The four training styles are lactic acid training, density training, dynamic training and strength-based training.

Each of these training methods generates known and specific hormonal responses that combine to overcome the body’s natural resistance to giving up its last fat reserves.

The workouts also offset each others’ shortcomings. For instance, the potential of lactic acid training to compromise strength is more than offset by the dynamic training workouts.

Rotating through the different training styles also causes “muscle confusion,” to keep your body ahead of the adaptive curve.

So what does each of the Final Phase workouts involve?

Lactic Acid Training

These workouts are all about timing – for instance, longer concentrics (ups) than eccentrics (downs) – to maximize the accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles. Numerous scientific studies have verified that this triggers the release of growth hormone – a highly-potent fat burner. As John Romaniello explains, by themselves and done over the long term lactic acid workouts can have a negative impact on strength. In the Final Phase Fat Loss System, this is not an issue. It is a six-week system only and the lactic acid workouts are rotated with (counterbalanced by) dynamic training workouts.

Dynamic Training

This training methodology is all about movement combined with resistance – well-known as a highly-effective fat burning success formula that uses dynamic movement and bodyweight to exercise and develop large muscle groups too. It’s pretty much based on the training principles that cause athletes to be both strong and mobile – something they can’t achieve through exercises that don’t involve movement.

Strength-Based Training

The Final Phase Fat Loss System is designed not only to break through the fat loss plateau but to do it without comprising your hard-earned muscle mass. This is the particular focus of the FPFL strength based training methodology. Put very simply these workouts involve completing a certain number of reps rather than specific sets, and without set rest periods. The strength method is actually way more fine-tuned than this but very clearly explained in the Final Phase Fat Manual.

Density Training

These Final Phase workouts illustrate FPFL creator John Romaniello’s well known ability for thinking outside the box. The density training workouts are John’s own twist on escalating density training. For instance, they are much shorter and involve performing circuits of short bursts of non-competing exercises, exercising different body parts and taking brief but not set rest periods after each round. Again, this is a very simplified summary. The bottom line is, these workouts increase the metabolism (for fat loss) as well as testosterone (for muscle mass).

Getting to grips with the Final Phase Fat Loss workouts is easy. They are well explained and illustrated in the FPFL Manual, and the system also includes an Exercise Library which lets you easily find exercises by body part. You’ll find full details of what’s included in the Review. Or…

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